• Blending Marketing and Your CRM CRM has long been used by many businesses. After all, it has significant value in the management of customers and the associated data. But the world is changing and so is the way we do business. Today&65533;s customer is actually 57 percent into the buying cycle before they even talk to anyone from the company. Now more than ever before, when a customer reaches out, a marketer must be there through all the steps. When
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  • How to Build a Strong CRM Database for Marketing CRM marketing is a powerful tool that many marketers are still overlooking today, yet it can make you more efficient and increase your marketing efforts. If someone asked you how many customers you had in your region, could you tell them? If you were asked how many sales prospects, you had, would you know? Using CRM it is important to divide your customer data base into segments or regions, because if
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  • How to Automate Your CRM Marketing CRM marketing is a powerful tool that savvy marketers take advantage of. One real advantage is your ability to automate the process. Using the right tools, you can save yourself and staff a great deal of time. Rather than spending your time running campaigns that can be automated you can spend it following your marketing activities and learning what&65533;s working and what&65533;s not. Your CRM system offers you the opportunity to instantly access customers
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  • How to Automate Your Marketing Campaigns Using CRM One of the most underused tools in marketing is the CRM system. Many companies are running anywhere from a handful to thousands of campaigns at one time and each must be managed. There can be campaigns to sell a new product, there can be campaigns for new customers, there can be cross selling, and the list goes on. Trying to manage multiple campaigns that are all different can be time consuming, even
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  • Traditional CRM Software vs. Marketing Automation Software There seems to be a lot of buzz around CRM software and marketing automation. If you aren&65533;t really sure what the difference is, or why you are being told to use your CRM software as part of your marketing strategy, you&65533;ll want to read on. Traditional CRM software focuses on sales, while marketing automation software focuses on marketing. Okay, you probably already figured that much out. So let&65533;s delve in a little further.
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  • Know the Benefits of Using CRM for Marketing CRM can really help you with your marketing, which is pretty exciting for marketers. Let&65533;s look at just how a CRM system can help you to be more effective with your marketing and turn up the sales. #1 Access to Lead Information is Readily Available When a CRM system is working right, the sales and marketing are completely integrated. This makes the lead intelligence immediately accessible to the marketers. All of the
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  • Incorporate Current Marketing Channels With CRM CRM software plays an important role in many companies, but a major advantage in your marketing awaits you, when you use a completely integrated approach with your CRM that includes making use of the various technology components to track, improve your customer data and your customer service. Social media platforms should play a key role in your CRM marketing strategies as they offer a completely new source for customer data, and marketers should be
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  • CRM Experts Share 6 Top Marketing Tips CRM experts know that your CRM system can play a key role in your marketing campaign. Let&65533;s see what the top 6 marketing tips are. #1 Use the Subscription Management Page to Gather Marketing Data Don&65533;t just use the subscription management page to allow recipients to opt out or change their email preferences. Make the most of it. Use it gather additional marketing data. For example, you can use a web form to
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  • CRM Marketing Needs To Align With Multiple Technologies If you are going to create customer relationship management that is highly effective at the enterprise level you are going to need to create a database strategy that incorporates many different technologies along with integrating different business functionality such as sales, customer service and marketing. If you really want to get the most out of your CRM technology, marketing needs to have a solid relationship with the IT Dept. This is not
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  • 5 Tips to Increase Your Social CRM Success Social CRM can play an important role in your marketing strategies, especially in a world that is hyperactive around social networking. Let&65533;s look at 5 things you can do to increase your social CRM success. #1 Ensure Your Social Media Messages Are in Alignment With Your Brand Image Even with social media, visitors want to feel like it&65533;s a real live person they are talking with. You want to ensure the tone
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